Help some PCV projects here in Jamaica!

One of the really important skills that I’m learning as a Peace Corps Volunteer is the art of grant writing. I’ve secured a few grants for St. Ann 4-H and I’m now serving on the Small Grants Program (SGP) Committee for PCJ. We get our funding from USAID (US Agency for International Development) and we support programs for environment or literacy. One of the programs we support is called Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) and it sources funding from donations from people around the world, much like Kickstarter. Once we approve the project, it’s posted online and anyone can donate to projects of their choosing. I was lucky enough to be the “champion” of my two good friends, Chantal and Jennie, and their projects were recently posted on the PC website. They reflect the breadth of what PC does here in Jamaica and I encourage you to donate!

Improving Adult Literacy With Technology – Jennie Franks

Multi-Purpose Court Fencing Project – Chantal Woodard

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