Photo Friday: Lilyfield

Photo Friday: Lilyfield

My sitemate, Stacey’s, old host mom/landlady here in Brown’s Town has been wonderful to us whiteys during our service. Soon after we moved to Brown’s Town, she took us to her brother’s estate in the nearby wide spot in the road, Lilyfields. The town is named for the estate, which was once an enormous working plantation with sugarcane and cattle. It is still a large property that the owner, Mr. Bertram, wants to put to use. He is a former MP and is very knowledgeable about the history and politics of Jamaica. Stacey and I got to pick his brain to get some information for our CASI (Community and Sector Inventory, which we did for Peace Corps). I mentioned that my background is in agriculture and animal science and Mr. Bertram instantly drafted me as his “consultant” for the sheep enterprise he wanted to start. This was back in August. He called me several weeks ago and wanted me to see the progress he’s made. So this past weekend, Stacey and I trekked back up to Lilyfield where the Bertrams wined and dined us and I got to see the beginnings of his sheep operation. I think he’s got an excellent chance to make a go of it. We’ll be back for more, believe me!


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