What I’m listening to

I’ve always enjoyed listening to the radio, especially NPR, so being without something so familiar and informative is tough. Luckily, I have internet at work and home, so I can listen to podcasts. Fellow Volunteers have recommended a some new ones that I’ve enjoyed. Here are some of my recommendations:

BBC World Service Documentaries (They cover a wide range of topics, but I especially recommend Across Jamaica’s Gay Divide and The Harder They Come, if you’re interested in Jamaican culture)

The Splendid Table (I love food. Listening to this is pure torture sometimes, because they talk about food I can’t get down here)

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (I’ve listened and loved this one for years. Mom and I went to the Nashville show a few years ago and it was AWESOME.)

Dinner Party Download (pop culture show that is funny and oddly informative)

Ask Me Another (this is great if you love word games and trivia as much as I do)

Welcome to Nightvale (if you have a slightly offbeat sense of humor and enjoy science fiction, you will love this. Hilarious.)

On Being (I like thinking about faith and spirituality and this podcast does it with dignity and thoughtfulness.)

This American Life (obviously a classic NPR show, but I’ve only recently started seriously listening to it. Fascinating!)

Radiolab (another little offbeat show that is oddly informative and thought provoking)

At some point, I’m going to do a post on movies and books specifically about Jamaica, so stay tuned for that.


About Elizabeth Riley

It's the wonders I'm after, even if I have to bleed for them.
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