At and around Brown’s Town

As promised, here is a photo update of my site, the bustling little city of Brown’s Town and environs. I’m hesitant to take a lot of pictures in town, as I’m trying mightily to integrate into Jamaica and I fear that the second I whip my camera out, two months of work will be undone.

First, my awesome house, which is about a 10 minute walk from the city centre.


Driveway from Minard Heights.


One of my main work sites, York Castle High School. We’re working to make a model farm there. I have to climb these steps going home everyday. To the left is a greenhouse we’re working in.


In the greenhouse. I have since hauled a lot of aged chicken manure into the rows so we can incorporate it and plant stuff.


Main auditorium, which I believe was built by a Methodist mission team from Memphis. The long, arduous graduation (that I attended) was held here.


The ag classroom is just to the left of the photo. This is the the cricket grounds and I believe we’re planning to fence in some of it and put sheep out there! YAY!


More cricket grounds and a deforested hillside that I would very much like to restore. Buildings to the left are the poultry houses, where I spend a good deal of time.Image


Some of the chickens under my care. I have since killed about 3/4 of them. Woo!Image


Compost bin I helped build and fill up.


My field of pumpkins that has since been weeded. That is one of the main people I work with, Myson, the YC farm worker. He thinks I work too hard.


Companion planting at work! We plant pumpkin and corn together, and they kind of work off each other, infusing nutrients into the soil. Sustainable ag practice!


On my 30 minute walk home, I pass by the lovely St. Hilda’s High School. It is a really nice girl’s boarding school. They have a small flock of sheep that they got through an FAO grant. I’m supposed to work with them some time in my service.


One of my favorite beaches on the island (not that I’ve been to that many yet), Puerto Seco in Discovery Bay. It a short $120J 20-minute taxi ride away!


Apple pie, Jamaican style. I’d promoted my pie making skills so much, that it would have been dumb to not bring a pie to a 4th of July Volunteer gathering. I had to use a wine bottle for a rolling pin, coconut oil in the crumb topping and paid a small fortune for the apples and butter, but it was a HUGE hit. In fact, it got eaten before the main course was even made.


At Flavours Beach in Runaway Bay, very close to Brown’s Town. This was before the 4th of July (actually the 6th) festivities, so Abi was sporting her most patriotic attire.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photo update of life on the Jamrock. I really need to come up with a more regular posting schedule, like a theme or photo of the week. Ideas?


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It's the wonders I'm after, even if I have to bleed for them.
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One Response to At and around Brown’s Town

  1. I will be following your reforestation efforts closely. Looks like the soil is typical tropical iron rich, nutrient poor laterite.

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