End of Hub training and all that lies ahead

Group 84 is done with Hub training! We’ve learned a whole heap of stuff, pulled off two good EcoCamps at Yallahs and Easington Primary School and great Farmer’s Field School here in Heartease. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, gotten massively frustrated, gained confidence, promptly lost it, got it back again, dropped cameras in the crystal clear waters of Reggae Falls (well, that was just me), and seen the awesome power of team work. Even after all that, I think we’re ready to move on. Today, we travel to Kingston where we’ll be reunited with the Group 84 Education Sector. We’ll find out our permanent sites on Monday (!) and then go there with our supervisors on Tuesday! We then come back to Kingston on Saturday and we’ll go through another week of training, then we’re sworn in on Friday! We’ll be released into the wilds of Jamaica after that!

A few highlights from Hub:

We had to give how-to presentations in Patois and I (naturally) gave mine on how to make apple pie. Everyone was really disappointed that I didn’t actually bring an apple pie. I would have tried, but I haven’t seen lard here (that’s the secret to my award-winning pie. Lard in the crust.). American apples are also somewhat hard to come by, but I’ve seen them.

Music and movie swapping has begun in Group 84. I’ve received a whole heap of new music and movies. A lot of great stuff! Most of us probably won’t have reliable internet access at site, so this will be our primary form of entertainment.

Care packages are allowed now that we’re done with training. If you want to send me one, email me and I’ll tell you what to pack. If you want to make a PCV’s day, send them a care package. A little slice of home is just the ticket.

My host family experience has been outstanding at Hub. I’m truly one of the family, and I’ve even been invited to Christmas if I don’t already have plans! I’ll definitely miss them when I leave.

We still don’t have a clue as to where we’ll be placed. We keep pestering staff and current PCVs, but they keep a pretty tight ship. Once I find out, I’ll post a quick update here to let you all know! 🙂 I won’t be posting pictures until I figure out how to get a new camera.

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One Response to End of Hub training and all that lies ahead

  1. Phil Camp says:

    RE: Apple Pie…It’s probably pretty hard to find any SUNFLOUR in Jamaica too!

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